Nicole Wensel owns and operates the production company, Conscious Cinema Co., which focuses on creating films for expression, inspiration and positive social change.

Her first feature film, Quarter Life Coach, which Nicole wrote, directed, starred in and exec produced, was created on a shoestring budget and received the Merit Award of Awareness at the Awareness Festival and the Gold Award at the IFF for Women, Social Issues and Zero Discrimination in Indonesia. Nicole has contributed to and been featured in publications such as Tribeca Shortlist, Agnès Films, Film Courage, GirlTalkHQ, Feminist Wednesday, Katy Magazine and many more. Nicole is an active member of Film Fatales, the Alliance of Women Directors, Film Powered, USC SCA Alumni, Women in Moving Pictures Salon and The Director List.

She studies acting at Anthony Meindl’s Actor Workshop and freelances as a director, actor and marketing/publicity strategist.

Trailer for Feature Film, Quarter Life Coach:

Short Film, The Cowgirl and the Ballerina:


Actor’s Access:

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