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Nicole Wensel is an an award-winning actress, writer and director, best known for writing, directing and starring in the indie feature film, Quarter Life Coach.

Born in Palo Alto, she grew up in Katy, Texas and attended college at the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts. While at USC, Nicole studied acting, filmmaking and entrepreneurship and graduated with a B.A. in Film Production. She owns and operates the production company, Conscious Cinema Co., which focuses on social impact filmmaking. She is a dedicated activist for women’s empowerment in the film industry and beyond and is an active member of Film FatalesAlliance of Women DirectorsWomen Intersectional Moving Picture Salon and Film Powered.

She loves using her passion for storytelling and experience in social justice PR and cinema to help other socially conscious artists and brands get more exposure for their work. She specializes in helping for-profit + for-good businesses and thought leaders to use emotionally engaging storytelling to connect on a deep level with audiences, so that they may share their work and spread their message in way that makes a significant impact and galvanizes action around key social issues of our time.

Selected Press


“We need to keep talking about [the Me Too movement] and fighting for real, lasting change so that women can finally stop being oppressed. I’m dedicating my lifetime to the hope that this is possible”



“Take back your power. The world needs your light, your voice, your goodness. We need more female voices and this is how they get shut out. Fight for your dreams like you’re fighting for your life.”



“Nicole Wensel…knows the power and influence of entertainment…she hopes to take a conscious approach to film. ‘Cinema is such a powerful medium for creating influence,’ she says. ‘I believe it can be harnessed to help elevate the global consciousness and bring awareness and action to important issues in the world.'”


VOYAGE LA Interview

“The mass consumption of entertaining narrative feature films and the ability of these films to evoke empathy for individuals of diverse backgrounds is the gateway for huge cultural shifts and lasting positive social change. Conscious Cinema Co. particularly focuses on the necessity of capturing these diverse perspectives behind and in front of the camera, with an emphasis on female and minority-centric stories”



“This is a repost from the lovely and brilliant Nicole Wensel, who is the founder of Conscious Cinema Co.”

Selected Work

Nicole’s first feature film, Quarter Life Coach, which she wrote, directed and starred in, was created on a shoestring budget and received the Merit Award of Awareness at the Awareness Festival and the Gold Award at the IFF for Women, Social Issues and Zero Discrimination in Indonesia. The project has been featured in publications such as Tribeca Shortlist, Agnès Films, Film Courage, GirlTalkHQ, Feminist Wednesday, Katy Magazine and many more. 

Trailer for Feature Film, Quarter Life Coach:

Short Film, The Cowgirl and the Ballerina:

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