Nicole Wensel is an award-winning actress, writer and director + founder of the production company, Conscious Cinema Co.

She is a dedicated activist for women’s empowerment in the film industry and beyond.



Hi! I’m Nicole. I’m an actress, filmmaker, social entrepreneur, and…a survivor.

As a survivor of sexual harassment and assault, I’ve found ways to heal and transform my pain into my power by prioritizing extreme self-care.

What I’ve learned is that…

Self-care is the key to reclaiming your power.

I’ve developed a passion for helping other survivors (whether it be from sexual harassment, assault, domestic violence, narcissistic abuse, childhood trauma, or any other life-jarring experience)  with the tools and resources that I’ve learned on my own path of healing. 

If that’s you, there are many ways I can help you, no matter where you’re at on your healing journey.

I share tools and resources that can help you…

Δ Find inner peace and spiritual alignment with your true purpose Δ

Δ Cultivate self-love, repair damaged self-worth, and build confidence Δ

Δ Develop the courage, community, and support to turn your pain into power Δ

Δ Build a business and life with the income, lifestyle, and quality of relationships you deserve Δ

Δ Become an activist and create the positive change and social impact you wish to see in the world Δ

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We’re in this together. 

Sending you all my love + support. 



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